Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Why Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace Is Timeless Jewelry

Buffalo horn chain necklace is jewelry that is actually jewelry made from horns, but many women are mistaken and think that they are from cow bones. Actually, the necklace is made of cow or buffalo horn, and not from the bone.

Why are famous designers and exclusive fashion houses using the horn as the main material? Examples of famous brands such as Hermes, Ashley Pittman and Maiyet. Another brand is Sarah Beekmans. This brand is a fine horn jewelry brand from Bali.

There are indeed a lot of girl accessories, even for one type of accessories there are other types. One example is a necklace, choker, collar, matinee necklace, and many other types. For women, they want to have all the accessories that they think can be used throughout the ages such as for example gold or from natural materials such as timeless horns.


The bone necklace which is often mistaken as Buffalo horn chain necklace

Why do horn necklaces can be combined with gold necklaces for official events? because the horn material already symbolizes classics and eternity like the gold material. Both of these ingredients are very suitable in a solid match. You must have a gold necklace, especially to come to official events attended by honored guests. Wearing a necklace that is not made of gold will make you look less elegant there. But wearing a horn can make you look amazing and high class.

While silver jewelry certainly has its own charm and fashion jewelry allows you to show your trendy side without spending a fortune, gold jewelry is the most appropriate thing for you to wear for an official event. Of course, besides that, jewelry is made of horn. No wonder horn jewelry can be very high, especially if it has been combined with gold.

In this article, we will explain to you why horn jewelry is jewelry that you can invest in besides gold. In the world of fashion, the trend that will always be used is a classic model or classic material and of course durable in use throughout time.


Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace is Eternal

Classic chain models, thick rings that are also classic, and hoop earrings. If you really like this type of jewelry but are worried that this piece of jewelry is a bit old-fashioned or even a little boring, then choose the version that includes gemstone, pearl, or other material insertions. Or you can also choose a smaller model so that it can be used at any time. In addition, you might be able to play with these jewels by matching them. For example: take an extra-long necklace. You can wear it by wrapping it around two or three times around your neck, adjusting it to the pieces and collar you wear.

Another trend is the return of hoop earrings that are very pretty if they are matched with a classic necklace. Hoop earrings are back in trend and have become much more attractive in recent years. From asymmetrical earrings to single earrings, from cuffs that cover the ears, to timeless sets of simple earrings.

If you look at it from an investment perspective, the trends mentioned above may not last. But a good pair of earrings and a classic model are usually able to provide long-lasting happiness because the timeless model and the alloy are able to do many things for your overall appearance. Evidenced by the fact that earrings, although sales are less compared to necklaces or bracelets, the position will certainly change if almost everyone knows how to accentuate earrings in the right way.

Small jewelry, like a small ring and a small bracelet, is a trend for some time until now too. This jewelry is able to make the wearer look young and fresh and play a role, namely creating an authentic appearance and personalizing jewelry. Enjoy it because it will always lift your natural beauty. But don’t forget to wear jewelry¬† like this when you exercise and don’t wear this when you sleep.