How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry and How to Store

Care The Horn Jewelry
How to take care horn jewelry and storage procedures will be described in this article.
Storage procedure:

How to Take CARE THE HORN JEWELRY While Traveling

Take care of the jewelry and put it in a special place so that it is always neatly arranged. Store each piece of jewelry in its original box, a soft bag and separate from other jewelry.

The ropes will tie together and jumble when put together. Likewise, with gemstones, pearls and precious metals can be scratched and even crack if combined into one.

To help keep your jewelry looking neat, all the horn necklaces you buy from Sarah Beekmans also get a storage box made of soft suede leather and a sturdy box shape.

It’s best to use a sturdy gift box or if you don’t have one, it’s best to look for only a sturdy jewelry box.

For storing necklaces made of horns and other natural ingredients, we don’t recommend sealed plastic bags because necklaces made from organic materials need air and should not be in a damp place.

If the necklace is made of horn or pearl, it is recommended to keep it in a bag made of silk so that other jewelry does not scratch each other.

Tips if you are traveling with jewelry.

When traveling, you should always carry a jewelry box made of soft material because this jewelry box is very important to protect your precious jewelry pieces from damage.

The jewelry container must have two functions:

1. The jewelry box must protect all parts of scratches and other impact damage, and also must be coated so that the jewelry does not experience shocks during the trip.

The jewelry box must have a slot or divider for rings and separate compartments for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Store jewelry when you travel in a handbag. Do not store it in the suitcase.

If you have arrived at the hotel, you should keep the jewelry in the safe provided in the hotel or in the room safe when not in use.

To protect valuable jewelry from theft when at home, maybe you might consider investing in a safe because there are already many home safes available at affordable prices.

How to Take Care Horn Jewelry and the Use of Safes

A few things to remember if you decide to buy a home safe:

A good home safe is very heavy and needs to be bolted to the floor so that thieves cannot release it from the outside. Thus, it may be most practical for you to buy a safe from a company that provides home delivery, installation, and full service until after sales.

Consider buying a safe with an alarm.

Safes must withstand fire heat and hold the drill.

If you want a safe that looks bright, install a battery-operated LED light.

Avoid buying a safe with interior lighting because the connection to an electrical outlet may cause a fire hazard.

Do not store pearls, opals, and other stones that require moist air in a home safe. Jewelry that will be stored in a safe such as gold or diamonds.

There are several types of safes that can be used to store your gemstones, you can ask the seller of the safe if they have that particular type.


If you don’t have a safe in the house, don’t keep jewelry in the bedroom closet or jewelry box because this is a place that is easily found by thieves. This is how to take CARE THE HORN JEWELRY and also how to store jewelry safely.