Charming Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry
Have you ever wondered why jewelry and accessories from buffalo horn jewelry like horn necklaces are worth more than machine-made? What are the special reasons that make it expensive compared to plastic accessory?

Even though the price is not as expensive as some branded items that you might find in leading jewelry stores but the price is quite high compared to the plastic accessory.

So what is the reason behind that? Is this just a fanfare from the marketing department of the owners and sellers of handmade horn necklaces? We will discuss the reasons that after you read, you will nod in agreement and appreciate the handmade jewelry and accessories.

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry And The Process of Handmade Necklace

Most of the women who buy handmade jewelry for example horn necklace do not know how the jewelry process is made or do not even have an idea what is the necklace made of. Many consumers only know that the model is very charming and can be matched with various types of clothes and when wearing it will look more classic and regal.

Everything you see is the final product and can allow you to assume and draw conclusions about how the last part was formed. Making handmade jewelry is the work of craftsmen and despite the fact that craftsmen do not have fixed hours at work, the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into it is very long. Just making a necklace requires a fairly long smoothing process.

1. Designing
Unlike a machine when making jewelry pieces, handmade water buffalo horn jewelry must be drawn on paper and sketched first. The process of sketching requires a lot of time and effort and of course high dedication and focus.

The ideas can also emerge very spontaneously and that explains the uniqueness of this design. Many elements of jewelry are decided when the design is made. For example, when the horn is to be made, polishing and cutting with what model to use, which pieces will be carved and each design has its own personalization. Everything has been determined and planned in advance.

Sketching also can’t be done in a few minutes just like making factory-made jewelry. In sketching, it takes hours and even days because this process is highly adapted to the difficulty level of the design and how many engravings or pieces of polish are inside the necklace.

In addition, there may be consumers who like the flower pattern and many like to see the appeal of a plain motif and leave it natural without polish so that the streaks of the horns are still visible. Sometimes all of this must be put into the design for different clients in the same batch with small differences in specifications.

The design phase also considers the various colors, textures and finishing touches of the combination of colors, pieces, and clarity of the horn after polishing that will be arranged afterward to form a necklace with different motifs.

Of course how we can ensure that the tastes of each customer are different so it needs to be made in various lengths and sizes. This is very important to provide work that is worth waiting for which is certainly made with the hands and hearts of the craftsmen who love the job.

Buffalo Horn Jewelry And why handmade Necklaces are Fancy Jewelry

2. Construction of a Necklace

The handmade jewelry from horn material is clearly made by hand. There are no large machines involved in the production of these items. Each piece of jewelry is carefully measured before being carved.

Only quality horn material is used to make handmade jewelry. Construction is carried out entirely in the craftsman’s studio where the artisans give the shape pieces by cutting, rubbing and scaling into the grooves.

In addition, all carvings are personalized designs and finally polish the final accessory to present it to the customers. so you can buy for you jewelry ferry good thank you

All the water buffalo horn jewelry is made in great detail with each part placed with precision. Now the customer can understand better why the handmade horn jewelry is more expensive than a plastic accessory.